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Business Resumes

With the recession in the US economy and rising unemployment claims every month, it’s important to stand out from the competition in your search for a job. You need to tell your potential employer why you deserve the job, and not the other one who sits neatly in a suit next to you and is next in line to be questioned. A great way to do that is to improve your CV and show who you really are. If you follow these tips, you are on the way to your dream job.

When writing your CV, you probably remembered to discuss your experiences and responsibilities in the workplace, but you should remember to indicate your achievements. If you’ve been honored as employee of the month, received a greeting card from a grateful customer or customer, or even received only salary increases and bonuses, tell your prospective employer. These show what you have achieved and give you a sense of what you will bring to the business beyond “customer service skills”. Be personal and show what distinguishes you.

If you are looking for a finance, investment, real estate, marketing or other business related job, golf is certainly the sport for you. It has become the business meeting sport of choice. Whether you play a round with your boss or a potential client, he will be impressed by your abilities. If you are at least knowledgeable and know what you can do, let your landlord know. It is always good for the boss to have a go-to guy to send him to the green.

Everyone is giving away a traditional, boring CV. Try to brand yourself by purchasing a simple product from Hire a professional so that the page presents your business resume, you can easily access contact information and even blog storage for your personal thoughts. Instead of faxing long CVs or getting your interviewer to keep track of your resume, they simply have to go to a web address. It’s also an easy way for you to track any updates you may have made to the resume without having to reformat one.

These tips will get you on the way to your next job. By demonstrating your accomplishments, having some golfing skills and a stylish and vibrant resume, you can personalize your business experience and differentiate yourself from the masses.

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